Tentative de Fishing Paypal


Tentative de Fishing Paypal

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Re: [Statement Update] [Daily Report] Payment Rejected – your recent transaction was declined: Monday, November 02, 2020 [Statement: ZMURXHBR – [FWD]./El pedido de la factura fue exitoso

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We believe that an unauthorized party may have accessed your account. To protect your information, we have:

— Disabled the password to your account.
— Reversed any changes to your account made by this party.
— Canceled any pending orders.
— Removed any Community Content submitted by this party.

You will also need to:

— Re-enter your credit or debit card number the next time that you place an order.
— Re-enter any addresses that you recently added to your account.
— Check your subscriptions, if you have any. You may need to update them.

You will need to reset your password when you return to our site. To reset your password, click « Verify my account » bellow.  Verify my account

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